"Stop even debating if you should hire Laurie. It will be the best decision you make. You won’t regret one moment of your time with her. I would have been lost on so many important things without her. She genuinely listens to what YOU want, and enlists whatever resources she has to make it happen.  She isn’t scared to make the hard phone calls, take the extra trip to the hardware store, or try that last paint sample. Her ultimate goal is for you to be happy with your house, and makes every step of your project feel important.  I feel so grateful that she was on our team for the renovation. She kept my whole family sane". – Lowrey S.

"As I began the construction process on my new home, I knew I needed to hire an interior designer to help me with the entire building and design process.  Laurie came highly recommended to me from one of her previous clients, and she did not disappoint.  She took ownership in the project and quickly became everything I wanted in a designer.  She is extremely talented, professional, and was motivated to make my home the absolute best.  The building and design process was a breeze having Laurie by my side each step of the way.  I would absolutely recommend Laurie Gautreau to anyone looking to hire Shreveport’s most talented interior designer!!"– Doug H.


"We contacted Laurie to help with our entire house decor, and it has been the absolute best decision. She shows up to every meeting super organized and extremely prepared. Her design boards are always well thought out, and she clearly conveys her ideas. She’s incredibly talented and strives to bring your vision to life while encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone!" – Meghan W.


"Just the thought of choosing everything for our home remodel- from paint colors, to floors, to doorknobs, to cabinets, to… well you get the idea- was enough to break me out in sweats it was so overwhelming. It took me many hours and multiple trips to the paint store to choose the paint color for my daughter’s nursery in our first home (that we ended up re-painting twice). I knew I needed help this time around. So when Laurie and I chose the paint colors for our entire new home in only 30 minutes, I knew hiring her was the right decision! She has a truly remarkable gift in helping to hone your style and vision and making it come to life throughout your home. Not only that, she actually makes the seemingly daunting process fun! I have not regretted a single choice Laurie and I made together for my home, and I can’t wait to work with her on our next project together." – Allison F.

"Laurie Gautreau  was nothing short of amazing! She was professional, fun to work with, and extremely talented. We used Laurie to help us update our house and with designing an addition to our home. She made it simple and really helped us through each and every step. I don’t know how we would have done it without her!" Leigh Ann M.

"Laurie was so fun to work with on decorating my house.  She always had a positive attitude and made everything seem easy and fun.  I was amazed at her talent to see the big picture and have new and interesting ideas on color and texture.  I love how everything turned out and will be using her in the future for any other design needs." – Renee’ C. "Laurie is a pleasure to work with and talented decorator with great vision for interior design.  From my personal experience, I found she listens carefully and is budget friendly while coordinating spaces with style.  She is well worth the investment as she is able to find furnishings, fabrics, accessories and design efficient use of space in a fraction of the time it might take someone else and an awareness of the client’s expected expenditure.  She is outgoing, personable and visionary which makes her the perfect choice for helping  clients feel at ease while enhancing the use and appearance of any space.  I highly recommended Laurie Gautreau for your interior design needs." -Paula S.